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A. Overview: - St. John's Episcopl Church (located at 11 Wilmot Road New Rochelle, NY 10804) held a service on 1/12/14 by Bishop Andrew Dietsche and Rev. Eileen Weglarz and Reception of new members and Baptism of Lucas Gabriel Andrade. There are 7 videoclips of the service, reception and baptism and related outtakes.

B. For more info: - For more info about this video and other videos, please contact Fran Sisco at FrancisSisco@aol.com for more info, and visit www.VideoVoom.net, www.VideoVoom.com or www.VideoVoom.net, or www.VideoVoom.net, or call Fran at 914.740.4422 (or at 914.589.1013). Also, please contact church representatives at 914.636.0047 (including Warden Joanne Bartoli) or visit its website at http://www.stjohnswilmot.com In addition, these videoclips have been uploaded to www.youtube.com and are searchable using keywords, such as videovoom st johns bishop dietsche baptism reception.) On 5/23/14, Videos #4 and 8 (specific to the baptism) were made private (instead of public) per the request of A.A. parent. to Fran Sisco. Also, various photos were deleted from this site.

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  • D. A summary of the 8 related videoclips:
  • For each videoclip, there is the following info (that is on top of the videoclip):
  • Videoclip 1 - Fran Sisco, videographer, walking to the church and greeting people, entering church, with the service already in progress.
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  • Videoclip 2 - (a) Rev. Eileen Weglarz introducing the service and welcoming The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche and his wife Margaret (b) Frank Pisani, Music Director, leading the St. John's Choir, singing Hymn 76 (c) A Reading from Isaiah (42:1-9) (d) Psalm 29 Page 620, BCP) (e) Afferte Domino (f) A Reading from Acts (10:34-43) (g) singing of Hymn 296 (h) The Gospel: Mtthew 3:13-17.
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  • **222

  • Videoclip 3 - (a) Bishop Dietsche talks about Rusty Hesse (b) Homily and discussion of prison men.
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  • **333

  • Videoclip 4 - Baptism of baby Lucas Gabriel Andrade (with parents Amanda and Frankys Andrade and Godparents Kathleen Hastings and Marlene Sidiao) and the Baptisml Covenant. Baptism of baby Lucas Gabriel Andrade (with parents Amanda and Frankys Andrade and Godparents Kathleen Hastings and Marlene Sidiao) and the Baptismal Covenant. request.

  • Videoclip 4 - -video deleted on 5/24/14 per Amanda's

    Videoclip 5 -
    Videoclip 5 - Prayers for the Candidates. the Baptism, Reception of New Members - Connie Robinson, Fran Sisco, Kelly Sisco, Cristiana _______, Tony _____________, Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella, Kyle Carter. Exchange of peace.

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  • Videoclip 6 - Announcements, A Prayer for Guidance, At the Offertory with Hymn 339, The Great Thanksgiving (Eucharistic Prayer A), the Lord's Prayer, The Communion of the People, Communion Hymn (during the Communion - Hymn 335), Post-Communion Anthem, the Post Communion Prayer, The Blessing.
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  • Videoclip 7 - Closing Hymn - Hymn 448. After the service, goodbyes to parishioners. Parishioners gathered in St. Francis's Cottage, next to the church, including presentation of gift to Frank Pisani by Tammy O'Bradovich and the congregation.
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  • Videoclip 8 - Gathering at St. Francis Cottage, with refreshments, food, and cake.
    Videoclip 8 - Video deleted on 5/24/14 per Amanda Andrade's request.

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