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Event-Service-St.Johns Episcopal Church-New RochelleNY-5/18/08
Event-Service-St.Johns Episcopal Church-New RochelleNY-5/18/08



For this Sunday service on 5/18/08 (Trinity Sunday), the officiant was (The Rev.) Rayner W. Hesse, Jr., and includes a dialogue sermon, with a spirited discussion about the Passion of Jesus and resurrection. St. John's Episcopal Church is a charming growing small church with unusual services, including "dialogue sermons" led by (The Rev. Dr.) Rayner W. Hesse, Jr. Pastor, affectionately called "Rusty." The compelling services also feature an eclectic mix of songs and hymns, sung by the choir and led by the music director, Eric Jennings, and other officiants and participants for some services. The organist is Oscar Young. 

More info:
For more info about this video and other videos, please contact Fran Sisco at FrancisSisco@aol.com for more info, and visit www.VideoVoom.net, www.VideoVoom.com or www.WilmotVideos.com or call Fran at 914.740.4422 (or at 914.589.1013).  The church is located at 11 Wilmot Road in New Rochelle, NY 10804, and contact its representatives at the church at 914.636.0047 or visit its website at http://www.stjohnswilmot.com.  In addtion, these videoclips have been uploaded to www.youtube.com and are searchable using keywords, such as videovoom rusty hesse, etc.)

There are 22 videoclips covering the service, before the service and after the service, of which the first 5 videoclips at 5/24/08 have been uploaded to www.youtube.com.

VideoVoom videoclips:
  • A summary of videoclips is as follows:
    (Videoclip #1) -- Excerpts from the drive from Frank Sisco's house to the church and shots of the church, outside and inside.

    (Videoclip #2) -- Entering church before mass starts with the Introit and singing of opening Hymn 371. Three Readings -- (1) First reading by Anthony Chiffolo and is A Reading From the Book of Genesis (1:1-2:3). (2) Second reading by Dr. Hesse written by Denise Levertov and is called "On the Mystery of the Incarnation and (3) Third reading by Elizabeth Sachs and is a reading from Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians (13:5-14). 

    (Videoclip #3) This videoclip is of the St. John's Choir, led by Eric Jennings, singing "Total Praise".

    (Videoclip #4) Reading of the Gospel (Matthew 28:16-20) by Dr. Hesse.

    (Videoclip #5) -- Dr. Hesse makes congratulatory remarks about the St. John's choir and gives thanks to Eric Jennings talks about how great Eric Jennings is and how helpful he has been to the choir. Rusty jokes about his best Joel Osteen impression and talks about the gospel reading.  A dialogue sermon involves a lively discussion by several parishioners.

    Videoclips #6 through 22 soon to be uploaded.

    For videoclips, photos and more info, please click on the below link:

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