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Event-Seminar-LIRIC Classes (Iona College) on 1/17/08
Event-Seminar-LIRIC Classes (Iona College) on 1/17/08
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About the videoclips - LIRIC is "Learning in Retirement at Iona College" and for over 15 years has consisted of various classes offered to seniors at the Iona College campus in New Rochelle, NY and at The Elks Lodge facility in New Rochelle.  Videoclips were taken by Frank Sisco of VideoVoom of the classes on 1/17/08, and roughly edited and presented on www.youtube.com and www.videovoom.com in order to deepen the experience of participants and so they can revisit the classes, and to help spread the important information about LIRIC and its many benefits via the internet.  Viewers are encouraged to share these videoclips.  People are invited to find out more about joining LIRIC.  For more information, please contact Frank Sisco at 914.740.4422 or by email at ideasmoney@aol.com.  Copyright 2008 Frank Sisco.  All videos and related material represent intellectual property of Frank Sisco.

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