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On 3/10/2006 in Harrison, NY, Kristina Sparano met with Tom Sullivan who interviewed her on behalf of VideoVoom in Kristina's effort to meet people to date.  Video interviews can lead to matches.  Sometimes a way for Person A to meet Person B is for Person A to speak to a third party (Person C) about themselves and be self-expressed, and for that discussion to be videotaped and available on the internet for potential Person Bs to watch in order to assess their interest in meeting Person A online and/or in person.  VideoVoom conducted several interviews with candidate Person As and Tom Sullivan (Person C) was the interviewer, and Fran Sisco was the videographer and producer.  On the detailed page are links to those interviews, which demonstrate their effectiveness in conveying important information about Person A.
Copyright 2006 Fran Sisco and Tom Sullivan.  All rights reserved.

B. Link:  If you are on the category page, click on the photo on left to go to the detailed page that lists people who are showcased and interviewed for dating possibilities.

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