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Frank Sisco, Sr. was born in Westerly, RI, and lived in Mt. Vernon, NY and New Rochelle, NY. He is the husband of Eleanor Sisco, father of Frank Sisco, Jr. and Robert Sisco, grandfather of Kelly Sisco, brother of Joseph Sisco, and son of Joseph Sisco Sr. and Mary Sisco. Frank was in the Navy SeaBees (CB - Construction Battalion) in the Pacific during World War II. His term of service began on 3/27/1945 and ended on 5/25/1946, a relatively short time, but included several unusual events and experiences (including (a) having a monkey as a pet (b) meeting up with his brother Joe on Guam, but only for a few minutes (see below for a reprint of the 12/22/2005 story he wrote that was published in the 9 newspapers of Martinelli Publicaitons (now Rising Publications) and which he read on the radio (WVOX AM in New Rochelle, NY), (c) being present at the amazing Victory Parade on Honolulu with thousands of Navy personnel and men and women from other branches of the armed forces (d) receiving a letter from the Secretary of the Navy and retaining it, along with other documents, which are presented below and (e) being able to pick himself out of a photo containing hundreds of men aboard a ship traveling home (see below). Also, see below for an essay written by Frank Sisco, Jr. about these Navy documents and photos that was published in the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications. . For more information, or to interview Frank Sisco, Sr. , please call Fran(k) Sisco, Jr at 914.589.1013. or by email to FrancisSisco@aol.com.

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    Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422 of by email at ideasmoney@aol.com. All videocliips, including audio, were recorded by Frank Sisco with verbal permission by the parties involved. All rights are reserved and Frank Sisco has a copyright on the video and audio, and he should be contacted before anyone copies any portion of it.. Additional photos and info were taken from various material provided to Frank Sisco. Intellectual property, if any, created by Frank Sisco remain his. Copyright 2007 Frank Sisco.
    Navy Documents and Photos:
    03/27/1945- Enlistment Notice
    5/3/1945 - Report to Duty
    5/9/1945 - Change of address
    5/10/1945 - Arrival card
    10/4/1945 - Daily Argus Article And Photo
    12/26/1945 - Trip (Going to See Brother Joe) - Travel orders to Guam
    12/29/1945 - Trip (Going to See Brother Joe) - Travel orders
    12/29/1945 - Trip (Going to See Brother Joe) - First endorsement travel orders
    12/31/1945 - Trip (Going to See Brother Joe) - Second endorsement travel orders
    12/22/2005 (60 years later) - Trip (Going to See Brother Joe) - Story written by Frank Sisco, Sr.
    05/23/1946 - Daily Mirror Article And Photo
    05/25/1946- Honorable Discharge Certificate
    05/25/1946- Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service
    05/25/1946 - Notice of Separate Transcribed
    06/14/1946 - Classification Notice
    06/21/1946 - Leter from The Secretary of The Navy
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    "Among the Papers " by Frank Sisco - an essay finding precious gems of memories among the files and papers.

    Life and Money - This article was submitted on 10/10/07 to be published in the 10//19/07 issue of the 9 newspapers of Rising Publications (formerly Martinelli Publications) in Westchester County, NY including The Westchester Crusader, The Rye Chronicle, The Eastchester Record, The Pelham Sun, The Sound View News, Home News & Times, The Mt. Vernon Independent, Harrison Independent, and North Castle News.

    Written by:

    Frank Sisco, 30 Mill Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804

    Home office - 914.740.4422, Cell - 914.740.4422; Email – ideasmoney@aol.com


    Copyright 2007 Frank Sisco

    Life and Money - "Among the Papers"

    By Frank Sisco, CPA, PFS

    (Word count = 789 words plus "Across the Media" section (30 words) plus 61 words for About the Author)

    That morning when I awoke, I had mixed feelings about visiting my parents, a few miles away in the southern end of New Rochelle, NY. I expected that the upcoming paperwork in connection with certain estate planning would be frustrating, and would hamper what would ordinarily be an enjoyable visit. My father, now 80, and my mother, 80 next January, are wonderful, loving people. Until a few years ago, they were full of life and quite active. But now life is changing. Their health has been declining, yet each of them struggle to maintain their vitality and independence as much as possible.

    There I sat at their dining room table with the list I was given by the elder care attorney, whose firm I recently engaged for various aspects of estate planning and elder care strategies and the preparation of related documents. I'd ask my mother to bring me the records, files and data, everything from health insurance identification cards to marriage certificates. Then I'd organize them and check them off the list. After about 10 minutes, my father went into the first-floor guest bedroom for a nap. The phone rang and, as my mother answered it, I got to the item on the list marked "Military discharge papers." Now sitting alone, I opened the brown leatherette portfolio they kept of key papers, and there was a white business envelope that read in black block neat letters in my mother's handwriting "Frank's Navy Papers." As I opened it, I felt a surge of emotion envelope me, with tingling sensations in my back, hands and face. I found the folded thick certificate headed up "Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy" in a fancy font, signed by an official and with a seal dated May 25, 1946, and with a drawing of a navy ship on it. There was also a letter dated June 21, 1946 from The Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal, to my father, which included the statement that "For your part in these achievements you deserve to be proud as long as you live. The Nation, which you served at a time of crisis, will remember you with gratitude." I could only imagine the value of such a letter for my father when he received it.

    Next I came across a news clipping with a photo of my father, Frank Sisco, at 17 years old, in a Navy uniform. He was a member of the Navy's Seabees (CB - Construction Battalion) whose main job was to land on islands in the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere, building and making way for the arrival of troops. The clipping had my grandmother's writing at the top "Thurs., Oct. 4, 1945" and it was from the Daily Argus, the newspaper of Mt. Vernon, NY, where they lived. In addition to identifying my father, the third paragraph read "His brother, Private First Class, Joseph A. Sisco, is with the Fourth Marine Division in the Hawaiian Islands." They would meet up later on a Pacific island, Guam, but that's another story.

    Then I saw a clipping from the Daily Mirror dated Thursday May 23, 1946 with the headline "6,685 In Biggest, Happiest Arrival" The large photo showed hundreds and hundreds of navy men, standing all over the ship with their hands raised, waving, and their faces beaming with joy of arriving back in the United States, coming home. A joyful photo!

    I went into the guest bedroom and called for my father to wake up from his nap and look at something. He used his walker to come to the dining room table where I had laid out the papers from the past. First I showed him the Daily Argus article, and he smiled as he read it aloud. Then I handed him the Daily Mirror article and I could hear him choke up with emotion. He scanned the happy faces, hundreds of them in the photo. Then he looked intently at them. I realized who he was looking for. Himself. When he was 18, back then, when life was fresh and full of wonder and promise. My Dad then pointed to a young man and said. "That's me. Right here." In surprise that he could actually pick himself out of the hundreds of small images, I moved my head closer to the photo in the article and sure enough the image was that of my father. I turned to my mother and said happily, "Look, Mom. It's Dad."

    What started as a day of expected drudgery consumed by papers became a day that lifted us all, as a result of finding things among the papers that brought back the memory of moments when life was lived fully. Perhaps it still could be.

    About the author:

    Fran(k) Sisco is a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist and writes on topics related to life and money. You can contact Frank by email at ideasmoney@aol.com or by phone at 914.589.1013 in order to express your opinion about this article or to obtain copies of prior articles. He resides in New Rochelle, NY with her/his wife and daughter.

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