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A. Overview:
Ted Berkowitz, Bronx-born artist, whose work is exhibited often throughout Westchester County, is interested in discussing these works, and others, with gallery owners and art enthusiats. The best way to contact Ted is throught Fran Sisco via cell phone or via email as posted on www.videovoom.net or videovoom.com.

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C. Biographical information about the artist:
The Bronx- born Theodore F. Berkowitz (Ted) won artistic acclaim from the U.S. Army and the Departement of the Army in 1968, and graduated from the University of Texas with a BFA in 1972.
He married; went into the corporate world; created a management consulting firm; had a child; did painting as a hobby.
Since 2004, he has devoted himself full-time to painting. His artistic influences have been: Huroswa's movies, the Grand Kabuki, and artists such as: Utamoro, Kunisada, Anonymous, Tiepolo, Boldini, etc. and life.
He has been published in: The Daily Texan (10/8/71), Austin Magazine (3/72), The House of Oxford Distribution (Spring 2002), Westchester Center for Creating Aging (11/05), and VideosOfPoets.com (11/05). CD design for: "Word Riff" and "Po' Jazz," for jazz poetess, Golda Solomon, Birdland sketches of Judi Salvano and INgrid Jensens website galleries, and Mamapolooza.
Theodore has won a number of awards including All Army Artist (1968), III Corp., Fourth Army. A number of his paitings can be found in various military museums: in The Pentagon, Fort Hood, Texas, Ford Gordon, Georgia. Annual Art Exhibit first place awards from the Woman's Club of White Plains, and in private collections from Brookville, NY to Boca Raton, FL.
His artwork has been seen at The Madeleine Gutman Gallery n Greenburgh, The Greenburgh Library, The Town Hall, The Town Court, Andrus on the Hudson First and Second annual Art Shows, Ional College Arts Cetner, Peter Pratt's Restaurant in Yorktown Heights, and Umani Restaurant in Croton, The Mamaroneck Town Court, The Mamaroneck Artists Guild. In The Church of St. Vito in Mamaroneck, he did the frescoes, murals, gold leaf and faux marbling for the church columns.

D. List of artwork for sale. (Subject to change) (Contact Fran Sisco via this website)

List of artwork for sale
Item #Description of artSizeType of paintingPrice
1Donna40" x 60"acrylic on canvasSold
2Geisha and Little Samurai42" x 60"acrylic on canvas$15,400
3Rashamon...OK?38" x 60"acrylic on canvasSold
4Shuraku42" x 60"acrylic on canvas$7,500
5Donna on Horseback38" x 60"acrylic on canvas$6,800
6Donna in a Kimona38" x 60"acrylic on canvas$4,800
7Geisha18" X 20"acrylic on canvas$2,450
8Next to Last Samurai20" X 34"acrylic on canvas$1,750
9Mother and Child24" X 36"acrylic on canvas$3,800
10Geisha in Pink24" X 50"acrylic on canvas$15,400
11Laur with Xanado26" X 36"mixed wash on canvas$2,800
12Portrait of Donna18" X 24"acrylic on canvas$2,500
13Madonnna in a White Kimona36" X 48"acrylic on canvas$4,500
14Lion Dance42" x 48 "acrylic on canvas$6,600
15Portrait of a Necklace15" X 17"acrylic on canvas$1,500
16The Third Brother48" x 72 "acrylic on canvasSold
1712 Year-old Scotch20" X 24"acrylic on canvas$1,500
18Poster of "Geisha" - #720" X 30"PosterContact Frank Sisco
19Poster of "Little Samurai " - #720" X 30"PosterContact Frank Sisco


E. Photos of selected paintings (yet to be captioned):

VideoVoom videoclips:

  • F. Listing of videoclips also posted to www.youtube.com:

    Videoclip #1 (below) – Fran(k) Sisco drives to Harrison Public Library in Harrison, NY, and enters the library.


    Video 2 - Ted discusses his paintings with Carolyn (member of the board of the library) and with Fran.

  • 2****2

  • Video 3 - Ted discusses his paintings with Carolyn

  • (member of the board of the library) and with Fran.


  • Video 4 - Fran drives back


  • **4

    Video 5 - Fran drives back.

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