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There were 25 outstanding musical performances at a concert on 6/10/12 at St. John's Episcopal Church, located at 11 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804, near the corner of North Avenue and close to exit 17 going north on the Hutchinson River Parkway.  (Tel #914.636.0047, website www.stjohnswilmot.com).  The pastor is (The Rev. Dr.) Rayner W, Hesse, Jr.  The event celebrated the 30th anniversary of priesthood for "Rusty" Hesse.  The performances were across many musical genres, styles, cultures, and eras and included (1) singing accompanied by piano or guitar (including solo, duet and group such as The St. John's Choir, led by David Wynne) (accompanied by piano or guitar) or (2) the playing of music with singing (piano or organ). Most artists and performers have a close relationship with Rusty Hesse, some dating back 30 years. The MC was David Juhren.  A party followed in St. Francis Cottage next door.  The activities were recorded on video (edited into 28 separate videoclips) by Fran Sisco, parishioner and friend, and uploaded to www.youtube.com.  Copyright 2012 Fran Sisco.  All rights reserved. All participants shown had granted their permission for inclusion in the videoclips.  For more information about the videos and the performances, please contact Fran by email at FrancisSisco@aol.com.

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