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Event-Sinful Cabaret-Performance excerpts & interview-7/10/13
Event-Sinful Cabaret-Performance excerpts & interview-7/10/13

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Sinful Cabaret, NY's hot new drag show takes us to wonderland!

By Fran Sisco 
Copyright 2013 Fran Sisco

I love the new "Sinful Cabaret" burlesque-type drag show at TimesScare, the gothic happening place in Times Square because of the clever mix of songs, dances, solo and group performances, and perhaps above all the hysterically funny lines, sometimes slanderous, delivered by the beautiful slender hard body T-girls.   More like Lucille Ball meets PussyCat Dolls rather than a traditional drag show.  And when some of the members fly through the air or jump off the pole table onto the floor in a perfect split, your heart pops into your mouth to make it smile broadly. The show features Crystal Something Something, Viki Villainess, Pusse Couture, Jada Valenciaga, Elizabeth James, Skyla Versa, and Coco De'Ball.

Each solo skit in the two-act extravaganza showcases each of seven youngish women, who are the seven deadly sins -- wrath, greed, sloth, pride (vanity), lust, envy and gluttony.  Vicki as vanity is glued to her mirror and fixes her hair and face off to the side as the others perform. You get the idea. And the girls are nicely bitchy to each other, yet respectful in a weird way that works well.  The group performances are mezmorizing.   One minute you're laughing. The next you're in awe.

The final number had every one in the audience rocking to the beat of the energetic rhythmic sexy song "Wonderland" by Natalia Kills.  An excerpt from that performance is in Videoclip #1 and tat the end of Videoclip #2, which shows some of the second act after intermission. (Future essays will contain material for the first Act.) Before watching and listening, please take the under-21-year olds into the other room when you watch so they don't hear the F word or MF word or hear destructive language about body parts that could damage the young ones for life, or see people born as males look to be gorgeous females, perhaps mortal sins of the highest order that may give God no other choice than commit these souls to hell for eternity. Of course, just kidding. Actually I think heaven is ruled by girls like them, and their "sins" may really be virtues of living life full-out

The seven girls are a well-oiled machine looking like they performed together for years.  I'm sure they caused some confusion in the pants of men and women alike.  They are quite hot!  And loveable!  Coco De'Ball (yes that is an apostrophe in front of the Ball) is so adorable and comical in her housewife dress in the final lip-sync dance number that you wish you could take her home and Coco-ize each room -  her cooking up a crazy meal, ironing clothes singing, and hanging from the dining room ceiling fan upside down and landing gracefully on the table and miraculously not disturbing the settings, and shuffling off to the bedroom, I mean buffalo.

Every girl's moves are as cool as they are hot.  I think Erin Mayhugh, the Producer/Director, has done an extraordinary job of bringing together such an eclectic talented troupe of beautiful girls.  The only sin is that the whole world has not yet experienced "Sinful Cabaret."  But the show is so good, I can foresee a day when the whole world may. Perhaps when the girls are sitting on the couch of David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, talking about the beginnings in the show I just saw. And lucky me to have written one of the first essays and taken some of the first videoclips.  Feel free to email me to find out more about future shows and to see future essays.  

In  Videoclip #2 that follows, two of the stars, Coco De'Ball and Pusse Couture talk after the 7/10/13 show for a few minutes with me.  You just gotta love 'em. Cute, smart and funny. What a combination! The lyrics of Wonderland, the final song, say -- "I'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger." I thought about how the naughtiness of "Sinful Cabaret" was one of the most heavenly empowering events I've been to in quite a while  I'll be seeing more shows as it evolves into a smash hit, and writing more.  Contact me at FrancisSisco@aol.com or www.FrancisSisco.com to keep in touch.

Video #1 (see above)- Final group dance number (Wonderland) in Sinful Cabaret show no 7/10/13.
Video #2 (see above)- Link to youtube clip of excerpts from performances during the second act after intermission
Video #3 (see above) - Link to youtube clip of interview on 7/10/13 with Coco De'Ball and Pusse Couture
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    Video #1 -- Final group dance number (Wonderland) in Sinful Cabaret show no 7/10/13. Link to youtube videoclips is below:

    Video #2 -- Link to youtube clip of excerpts from performances during the second act after intermission

    Video #3 --- Link to youtube clip of interview on 7/10/13 with Coco De'Ball and Pusse Couture

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